Prezi: Shakespeare Pre-Write

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adapted from Ms. Katie Hatch's Lesson Plan on "Post-Drafting Outlines" using Prezi

Date: 16 April 2010 Class and Grade Level: English 10
Title/Subject of Lesson: Paper Drafting Outline/Pre-write
  • Students will be able to use prezi as on online presentation creator to outline the main points and brainstorm ideas in their papers
  • Students will be able to analyze their outlines in a 2-person partnered setting to increase clarity and strength of argument and to brainstorm ideas/appropriate usage of Prezi
State (or District) Core Curriculum Standard(s): Standard 2, Objective 3: Revise and edit to strengthen ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions.
Concept(s) to Be Taught:
  • Outlining major points
  • Using an online tool such as Prezi to help brainstorm and strengthen organization of arguments to be used in paper
Materials Needed:
  • Access to computers/internet for every student
Strategies to Be Used:
  • class discussion
  • analyzing and working from a model
  • individual revision
  • small partner discussion


Announcements: Go over important due dates and process for this paper which the students are writing.

Continuation from Previous Lesson: Last class period, we discussed the paper-writing process and the important step of drafting. Now, we are going to practice outlining a draft by using the online tool of Prezi. Prezi can be used for many different parts of the writing process but we will familiarize ourselves with the program through working on a simple outline of your ideas for your paper. You’ve seen occasionally in class as an online presentation creator for some presentations of information.

Lesson Presentation:
A) Getting Started: Lead a discussion with the class about the benefit of drafting using the first step of an outline. How could outlining your paper before you've written actual paragraphs help strengthen your paper overall? How does outlining show you your paper’s organization?

B) Directing the Learning: Because outlining before you have completed a draft helps to direct your flow of logic and organization, we’re going to use as a tool to outline your ideas. Show a sample prezi outline, with a clear thesis and organized ideas into specific sections.
[modeling] Show the sample prezi outline (by projector screem) and draw out outline elements. Show how to enter information into the prezi, with different fonts to privilege your most important points. Demonstrate how to connect the information, including zooming and arrows and grouping features.
[guided practice] Now allow the students time to experiment with prezi and putting their keywords and ideas into their prezi documents. Make sure to give them enough leeway to experiment, but enough close-watching to keep them on task with their prezi outlines. After students complete inserting their outline information to the prezi, assign partnerships and explain that next class period they will be expected to explain their prezi's to their partner in a type of peer-review setting.
[independent practice] If students have not yet finished their prezi outlines, assign them to finish their pre-draft outlines at home.
C) Bringing the Lesson to a Conclusion:
Talk with students about the effects that pre-draft outlining can have in creating clearer, better argued writing. How did they notice their ideas coming together more? Were there any struggles in using Prezi that need to be better explained? Emphasize that prezi as a tool is just one way to help structure a draft before it has been written. Stress that if this method works for them, they can use it again, and in the later revision process but that if it does not, they have many other prewriting and revision resources to turn to.