Link to "Tenderness" Prezi

Link to "Tenderness" Animoto

Lesson Plan: Tenderness by Robert Cormier
Michelle Walker
Date: December 13, 2010

Title/Subject of Lesson: Identity

Class and Grade Level: 10th grade English

Objective(s): After discussion of identity, students will be able to come up with ideas for their multi-media projects.
State Core Objectives Met by this Lesson:
2.2.b. Organize writing effectively

Materials Needed: Prezi and animoto will be introduced and taught to students. I will show my examples using the overhead computer projector. Students will need their free-write journals as well.

Strategies to be Used: direct instruction, small group work, peer review, individual writing, class discussion.

Continuation from Previous Lesson: We are going to move from free-write to how to make their ideas come together in a powerful, organized way.

Lesson Presentation:

A. Preparing for Learning
1. Ask what students have learned about identity from reading Tenderness.
2. Have students take 5 minutes in groups to come up with a definition” of “identity” we can use. List their comments on the board.

B. Directing the Learning
1. Now start looking at their definitions for clarifying issues. Then go through the prezi and ask and discuss all the questions.
#1 Free-write: Think for a moment about what defines you? What are your “labels”? Here are some “labels” you might think about:
-hobbies -sports -favorite movies -family
-name -music -talents/abilities -leadership roles/titles
#2 Free-write: If you were suddenly to lose all your “labels,” and were to be stripped of all your titles and interests, who would you still be? You will have the opportunity to write about yours. Just as Eric and Lori must face themselves, you also will get to face your true identity.
#3 Free-write: Is it easy to change? Why or why not? Think of a time you saw someone change? How did that affect you? How can you change?

3. Introduce the Multi-media project and teach how to use prezi and animoto (this may take more than one class period).

C. Reinforcing the Learning
Multi-media project: You will get to create a 2-part project that includes making a slide show using and a prezi to present to the class.
a. Animoto slideshow must include:
-this will not be shared with the class—only me, your teacher
-music, title, pictures
-give a good definition of identity
-identity yourself and talk about changes you have made and changes you still want to make in your life.
b. Prezi must include:
-this will be shared with the entire class, you will do this in groups
-you will lead a class discussion on identity
-you will need to come up with 3 questions to ask the class that will help them think about identity.
-3 photographs to go along with questions
5. You will write a formal reflection paper wherein you will tell me what you learned from this assignment about: the book, the idea of identity, and specifically yourself. What is your identity? What did you find out about yourself that you like? That you want to change? How will you change?