Anne Frank Technology Plan
Lesson: Exploring what contributes to one’s identity

(Utah) State Core:
2.2 Write to identify and reflect on feelings to recreate experiences.
(Emphasize short biographies, narratives, or memoirs.)

We are exploring what identity means- and what different aspects can contribute to a person’s identity as we begin reading the play The Diary of Anne Frank. It is important to help students connect with the characters in the play, and to understand the factors that contribute to their personality and identity. In order to do this, it is necessary for students to first explore the different things that contribute to their own identity.

Students will reflect on their own identity and the things that that contribute to it. In order to explore their own identity- and present it to the class- students will create a brief Animoto video, which will be reflective of a memoir or narrative. These videos will be a compilation of images and text that represent the contributing factors to their identity. To hold students responsible for the images they choose, students will also write a brief reflection that explains their choices.

To begin, students will brainstorm a list of people, places, things etc. that they believe contribute to who they are- give students free reign and let them decide what they think helps to form their identity.

Then send students to the computer lab and direct them to places where they can find non copyrighted images and materials to use in their videos and have them save those images in a file.

Have each student create an
__Animoto__ account and talk them through how to create videos of varying length, with a variety of music.
-sign up for account
-select images: rearrange order etc.
-select around 15 images and texts to create a 1 minute video
-select music that somehow contributes or represents identity/personality

Have students present their videos to the class, via a projector and laptop, and give a brief explanation of their choices.


__Anne Frank and Identity Example__