Lesson Plan for "Great Expectations" Newspaper

  • Instructional Standards**
    • 9Th Grade level
      • learning how to research through both the Internet and books
      • being able to put together a comprehensive paper after finding the research

  • Activity**
    • After reading "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens students will put together a historical newspaper that looks at what life would be like during the time of Charles Dickens. By creating this newspaper, students will have a better understanding of why Dickens wrote his book about the things he did.
    • Problems such as child labor and large class boundaries were going on at the time that Dickens wrote this book. By having students research the time period they will have a better understanding of life in London during the 1860's.
    • The first thing that the teacher will do with the students is go over the creative research assignment.
    • The activity will be an individual research assignment that tests students ability to research through the Internet and book
    • They will be expected to use their research and create their own newspaper
    • As Students, everyone will individually make their own newspaper from the perspective of someone living in 1860's England. The Newspaper should be set up as though it really is a newspaper.
    • Have at least three pictures for your newspaper that deals with articles that you write; it could be something as simple as what the women wore during this time.
    • There should be at least 6 different articles that discuss things that went on during the 1860's-1880's in England.
      • That can range from child labor, fashion of the day, politics, etc.
    • You can choose the topics that you research for all of the articles, but students must have an article on Dickens life or the works that he has done, and another article on "Great Expectations."
      • The Article on "Great Expectations" can be a review of the book or about the theme, symbolism, setting, etc... something that is important in the book.
    • This assignment is created so that you as students can have a better understanding of what life was like during this time.
    • Students will not only make their own newspaper, but also need to document the research they have done.
      • things such as note cards or keeping notes on paper can be very helpful.
        • by organizing research through note cards or each topic on separate paper; it makes it easier for students to keep track of information and keep it more organized
    • To receive full credit for this assignment: students must research through both the Internet and books
      • to facilitate that our class will have a library day today
        • We will go to the library and a library will show everyone where they can find different types of sources that can be usefully for researching
      • Along with the library, I have make a WebQuest for our class that not only has the instructions for this assignment but also has helpful Internet sources your everyone.
    • If there are no questions, than we will head to the library to begin our research for this assignment.




    • Favorite/Most Useful blog


    • This blog is done by PBS, specifically to help teachers get new ideas and look at new resources for the classroom. There are a lot of great ideas on this site. But you do sometimes have to sift a little to find the "gems." I would suggest this site to other teachers to help generate more ideas in the classroom.